Monday, January 09, 2006

Hey, Masterbator! (PIC)

Spanking the monkey, pulling the pud, wanking off, jerking off, or most simply put... masturbation.
Men do it, boys do it, monkeys do it. Humm... wonder why?
There are some interesting facts about masturbation, and many interesting fallacies. How about Fermi problems?

---- Start Fermi Problem ----

How much time does the average male spend "flogging the dog" over his life time?

Make an estimate on energy expended.

Calculate the "mass ejecta".

How much mileage does his hand get?

How long would the aggregate train of spermatozoa be if they were lined up end to end?

If fused with a comparable number of ova, how many potential people would be produced, neglecting twins.

---- End Fermi Problem ----

Fermi problems are fun, but some things are more fun.


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