Wednesday, January 18, 2006

FPOTD # 10, Microwaved Nuts (PIC)

Critical thinking skills.
Sadly, such skills are not taught in class or in school.
There was a time when the ability to think critically would help ensure survival. Now, medical advances keep dumbasses alive long enough to procreate.
Critical thinking has gone out the window.

Cell phone radiation! I know several people who will absolutely not carry their cell phone in their pockets for fear of irradiating their nuts.
"I want to have children some day!" they cry.
Some people are dumb enough to drop a small fortune on an air acoustic headset for their cell phone, so that the microwaves do not travel up the headset wire and irradiate their brains.
Humm... balls or brains... quite the tossup on what to nuke.

A few simple numbers for consideration:

Average maximal cell phone power is about a Watt.

Cell phones transmit at a frequency of about 800-900 MHz. Call it an even GHz.

To cause a chemical reaction, a couple of eV are needed. To ionize a molecule, a few eV are needed.

The average human body produces about 100W of power.

---- Fermi Problem ----

Estimate how much you will raise the temperature of your left nut (if you don't have one, substitute your right ovary) if you were to dump a Watt of energy into it over a period of an hour.

Calculate the energy of the incident microwaves in terms of electron volts.

Estimate how many people think that microwaves are only good for cooking their food.

---- End Fermi Problem ----

Of course, high tension power lines are another matter... I mean just look at the grass under them! The grass is taller under the wires than away from the wires. If you don't believe me, just ask the row of birds sitting on the wires.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

U R stupid. Cell phone radiation is a real danger. Before you make fun of peoples worries, you should learn some science.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see oversimplification all over the place in your arguments. Let's make things a bit more lifelike. Life is rarely (if ever) unidimensional. Why do you chose to measure only the (average) wattage of the cell phone emission? Why not the modulation of the signal? Or the characteristics of the carrier frequency? Or the ways in which it interferes with the proper functioning of the body? (I'll agree with you that the functioning of the body is far from being fully understood, which should lead us to conclude that the interactions between your nuts and your cell phone are far from being fully understood). Just to keep you entertained, I'll tell you that when my girlfriend talks to my ears, although it's only air vibrating, there is a definite influence on my balls and it's absolutely not proportionnal to the measured volume of her voice. And when whales die ashore, it's not because of the strenght of the military sonar that somehow cooked them, it's because it fucked up with their biological control mechanism. How does the cell phone talk to your nuts again? You might be screwed in the future if you don't care now.

2:10 AM  

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