Friday, January 06, 2006

The Days, Months and Years of Our Lives (PC)

Big numbers from the addition of tiny numbers.
That is what our life is comprised of. We all see the reports of how much time the average person sits in front of a television, or how much of our lives are spent sleeping, or driving to work. But the most mundane and trivial aspects of our existence pile up to large numbers.
How much time do you spend on the toilet? How about brushing your teeth? Picking your nose?
Here are a few ponderables to while away some of the time left over in your life. After considering these, spend some time coming up with some of your own.

---- Start Fermi Problem ----

How much time does one spend picking their nose?

How much time is spent brushing ones hair.

Brushing teeth?




What is the total percentage of your life that your eyes are closed?

Sitting on the crapper?

Doing Fermi problems?

---- End Fermi Problem ----

Damn... my nose itches...


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